We are building places to live in a city with unique character, with examples of great housing and city-making at a range of densities. The Independent Houses, Villas, gated terraced houses, apartment buildings, streets, squares and the best of 20th century development have created highly successful residential environments with enduring appeal. This guide aspires to encourage a new vernacular that can take its place in this rich fabric.
Professional Design transform the way we do things, and result in new economic benefits and a better quality of life. The strategic nature of design helps solve problems in ways that are functionally and aesthetically pleasing and make economic sense.
TV unit designs
Today the priority of providing adequate space and amenity is the same, but attention has rightly turned to the quality of provision across all tenures, and whether dwellings are fit for all. In recent years Florentine Designers has been providing some of the smallest homes in the developed cities providing designing and joinery fit out solutions
Design helps to improve quality and differentiation, offer world class products and services, improve business efficiencies, productivity and margins, increase revenues and achieve higher market share and accelerated growth.
Room lighting
As professional practitioners, we solve the design problems for humans who use and inhabit the space by considering their needs, whether functional, social, psychological or environmental by understanding how to use research to help identify and clarify the relationship between human behaviour and the built environment".
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